Dos and Don’ts when couples dating couples

Are you one of those couples looking for couples to for polyamorous relationship? Well, except looking at a swingers date club, you can also use many couple dating sites or tinder for couples app to find what you are searching for!

You are able to have access to find thousands of polyamorous couples by creating a free profile on such site or tinder for couples app. Any kind of arrangement for a partnership is possible. Are you ready to fulfill your desire now?

dos when using tinder for couples app

Do's for couples seeking couples

Communication is important. You will get to know each other by communicating as in a swingers date club. Then you will discuss your rule for couples dating after you matched. The four of you are more likely to have a good time after full communication.

Chat with both members of the couple but not just one of them. Jealousy is what couples should pay much attention to in a polyamorous relationship. If you can’t handle it, you will fail in this dating. Video chatting is also a good idea and you may have a try. If you decide to meet in person, a public place is recommended for the first meeting.

don'ts when using tinder for couples app

Always listen to what the others say. Be serious about your match’s needs and bottom line. Learn what are unacceptable for them and what are not, like kissing, BDSM, and other kinky sex. Listen and respect others.

Have safe sex and ensure the privacy and comfort. Use condom when having sex, which is good way to keep away from both pregnancy and various kinds of STDs, especially when it comes to group sex. Don’t tell anyone your bank information during the poly dating.

Don’ts for couples dating couples

Don’t create a profile on tinder for coupls apps without any photos. You are not in a swingers date club. Make sure you're using a recent picture of yourself and not a picture a decade ago or picture that’s not you. And don’t use any group picture that people should guess who you are.

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Don’t talk about politics or religion. It’s very likely to bring argument when talking about politics and religion and it won’t end for a short time. Once you have an argument, you won’t have a satisfied polyamorous dating experience.

Don’t break out the rule you set before the real adventure. If there is a “no kissing”, just don’t do it. This is also an effective way to prevent jealousy. Only when all of you adhere to the rules then this new poly relationship will only do good to your existing relationship.

Don’t act rude and inconsiderate. The four of you must be open to what you want but you also need to respect other’s bottom line. Don’t be rude to talk about anything others don’t want to listen.

Don’t assume that everyone is STD-free unless you see the test results when using couples dating sites or tinder for couples app. It is recommended to have the STD test or use condoms when having sex.