How to date with a swinger couple for the first time?

Are you couples looking for couples for adult swinging fun? The question will not end with ‘how to approach another swinger couple’.

What should you do after you find a match on adult dating sites? What to say when you met offline for the first date? If the four of you are not mature swinger couples and this is just your first time for swing dating, here are some tips for newbies.

swing dating tips

Get to know each other.

It’s not important whether you meet each other at a swinger website or a local swingers club. You need time to know each other. Talk is necessary. You can start the conversation by asking questions. It’s no big deal to ask do they have children. How many bedrooms at their places? But a question like “How'd you two meet?" will be more fun. Let them tell an entertaining story without feeling like they're being challenged to a game of answering questions.

This is that all important opportunity to see how the four of you mesh. Is the conversation flowing? Does everyone like each other?

Talk about the swinging lifestyle.

We don’t suggest you talk about sex at the first step when you are getting to know others. But you need to bring up the lifestyle topic before starting the game. This may sound silly, especially when you meet at each other at swinger clubs, or swinger dating sites since you are already in an environment where like-minded couples gather, but it is still an important topic to be involved.

Try to start with “How long have you been interested in the swinging lifestyle? Is this your first visit to a swingers website/club?”

Set up some rules

So everything seems good and everyone is having a great time. The conversations are flowing. The four of you may even watch a movie together. The atmosphere is getting sexier, but hold on, let’s set some rules to avoid any dispute. Are there any activities that are not allowed? Whether it involves watching?

Enjoy swing dating and have fun

No matter you are married swinger couples or not, remember this is about enhancing the relationship with your partner. Whether you end up playing with another amazing couple or even some other kind of adult dating, it will always be a fresh new experience. Happy swinging!