How to tell your partner when you want an adult swing or threesome hookup experience?

how to communicate your swinger dating idea with your partner

How to tell your partner when you have some unusual needs and desires, like engaging in a threesome, or adult swing? Communication about sexual issues can be one of the hardest challenges faced by many couples, especially when you want to explore something new.

It is difficult to know how to begin, but you need to understand that your partner is not a mind-reader. You need to tell your partner what you like and dislike, what is your sex fantasy. It’s ok to explore your sexual fantasy, especially when your sex life is dull. But never post your ad on any swinger websites before you get the approval from your partner.

Choose the time

There is a saying ‘If sex is right, then everything is right, but if sex is wrong then nothing else can be right.’ So, let’s talk about it and change it. Choose the right time, often starting the conversation when there is a feeling of connection or raising ideas about the foreplay stage. You could ask about her fantasy first and wait for your turn to talk about yours. When you are watching porn together, ask her how about ‘amateur threesome’ and ‘swinger dating’ tag.

Don’t be rush

It seems efficient to try to get all the sex talk out onto the table at once, while sex discussions are not the same. It’s best to sort out complex feelings about relational issues step by step. You need to make sure both of you are interested in looking for a threesome partner, or another couple for adult swing. Then you may continue the sex talk next time for more details. Maybe you can put an ad on swinger websites or any other couple dating sites after a third talk.

tell your partner that you want to join swinger dating sites

Make suggestions rather than complaints

It’s better to give your partner some reassurance before you bring your sex fantasy on the table. Let her know you appreciate the positive aspects of your sex life. Then you can suggest something new to spice your sex life. And this is not your sex fantasy, you also want your partner to explore and enjoy together. After that, you can go for the details.

We all have been told that communication and respect are the keys to a successful relationship. The first step to a more satisfying sexual relationship with your partner is to your willingness to express your needs and listen to his.

If couples hold back on speaking out about their wants and needs in a relationship, things stagnate. The more you talk about sex as a couple, the more freedom and honesty you’ll find when it comes to asking for what you want.