The Story of How We Became Swingers

My husband and I know each other since high school. Back then, I was sure he was the one and wanted to marry him as soon as we graduate. We had a magical love and both knew it was the right thing to do. However, we were too young to realize feelings fade away in time and we had to keep the spark alive somehow. And that is how we became interested in the swinger lifestyle.

We were trying to come up with creative ways to diversify our intimate life. One day we read about swinging on the internet and got curious about how this whole thing works. At first I was like: No way! I’m not sharing my husband with anyone or have sex with some stranger. But then I thought it might be really exciting and it couldn’t hurt if we try it at least once.

wife swapping

After a long deliberation, we decided to embark on this new adventure. We had no idea where to start and where to find other people interested in couple dating and swinging. Although we live in a modern world, some people are still not open-minded enough to accept this kind of lifestyle and sexual entertainment.

That is why, we couldn’t just go around and ask couples from our social circle. We thought it would be better to find people online and try to get to know them before our actual “first date”. We did some research and found a kinky dating app that connected us with lots of swingers in our location.

swinger story of a married couple

It wasn’t long before we started communicating with a couple who had similar interests to ours. In the beginning, we chatted for a while because we were still ashamed to meet in person. But here came the big day – my husband’s birthday! I decided to organize a more intimate party for him this year and invite our new friends over. So, I opened the swingers app and asked them directly whether they want to join. They confirmed their presence and I realized there was no going back.

The evening did not seem very promising as we were all nervous and shy, but after a few drinks, things got hot suddenly. I went to the bathroom and when I came back, I saw my husband kissing Lisa passionately while holding her waist and slowly lowering his hands down. I had never imagined seeing my husband making out with another woman would be such a huge turn on for me.

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Michael didn’t mind watching his wife and my husband satisfying each other either. As if his look was saying: It’s time for us to have some fun too! I asked him to go to the other room, but he told me I had nothing to worry about, and we’d better finish what we had started here.

Even since that awesome birthday party, the four of us meet more often and aren’t embarrassed to call ourselves swingers. We would advise anyone who wants to try swinging to find a reliable polyamorous dating site, chat with interesting people, and go with the flow.