Things You Should Know before Swinging Dating and Poly Dating

You are a couple and you have met a fun couple, then you want to hang out with them in a sexy way. It is ok, and people will call you polyamorous couple or swinger couple. You will be surprised to know that there are so many people just like you after searching online. And swinger websites or poly dating websites will be your best choice if you can’t find a couple at the local clubs. Here are things you should know before you couple looking for another couple.

things to know about swing dating or polyamorous dating

Poly dating or swinger dating is totally different from affair dating.

Swinging or dating a married couple is not cheating since everyone is aware and consenting to the arrangement. The normal (monogamous) rules don't apply, it’s a kind of adult fun. Of course, you can also date with a single man or woman for threesome, that is another situation for adult adventure.

Talk about it before looking for a partner.

No matter you are looking for a threesome partner or another couple for adult dating fun, a conversation is needed beforehand. There are so many things you need to discuss to get consenting for both of you. Are you looking for swinger dating fun or group fun? Do you want it to be a casual hookup or a continuing relationship? What’s the bottom line? You should always talk things out in advance because if this is all going to end in disaster for one or more of you, it'll probably be obvious from that first conversation.

Know their needs and rules and let them know yours.

The couple, just like you, is likely to have a few rules about this kind of adult dating fun. You need to follow their rules, at the same time, let them know your rules. Are they also polyamorous couple? Can they accept this relationship to be a long-term one? Make sure all the people know the certain items that are permanently off the menu, both on and off the bed.

Don't arrange to see one person without the other.

This is similar to when a single man or woman looking for couples for threesome. The advice for the couple is that do not see the third when there are only two people in total. When it comes to couples looking for couples, do not have solo hang-out time with one half of the couple unless the other one is aware of the arrangement. And it will be the same when you end this poly relationship. Do not attempt to break up with one member of the couple and keep seeing the other.

Keep communicate and to deal with feedback from the others.

Afterward talking is also important since you can correct things if there is something not right or bothering you. It is extremely important when it’s your first time to date a married couple. This is also a way to protect your existed relationship and the new polyamorous relationship with the couple.